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All I Need
I was blind to the errors
Surrounding me
Everything's fallin' apart
I couldn't see
What is wrong with me?
Now it's gone
Why can't I be free?
All is lost
It just hurts too much
In my heart
I just want her touch
I've gotta close the door
If I'm to push ahead
I've gotta clear my mind
And put it to bed
All pieces on the floor
I gotta find the thread
That's gonna help me find
All the things unsaid
I've been lost to my ways
Gotta find my true path
'Cause my time has run out
I've done all the math
Mind's been stuck in this daze
But enough is enough
Put an end to this drought
It's gonna be rough
Now the mourning's been done
And the fates have been sealed
Though the sky holds a sun
All my days remain gray
Here's what's wrong with me
There it is
What I'm s'posed to be
My real self
Isn't coming through
Can't you see?
I'll begin anew
Once my faults have been purged
Will you be there to see
When I truly emerge
Will you still care for me?
I'm taking my move
Don't you s
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What is...
Love.  What is it? Where is it found? What's it look like? How's it feel? Love is. Love is something that can cripple the mightiest of men, and inspire the lowliest of heart and mind to great actions. Love surrounds us. It's in everything you do, whether you realize it or not. Silently pulling the strings, driving you onward. It motivates. Is it a verb? A noun? Maybe it's both; I suppose that's the most fitting. Love is expressed as a noun, you have love, you've lost love, you need love. Yet it's also an action. You need to love her. You're loving. It can bring endless joy, and crushing sorrow. It can drive you insane. You'll never understand it. You won't know how you chanced upon it, why it's even possible. Love is what unites. It brings two people who should absolutely hate one another into each other's arms. It's what generates empathy, causes you to help those in need. It makes you cry during movies. It inspires art and music. War and hate. Love is chaos. A conglomeratio
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Rawr by MrCraptastic Rawr :iconmrcraptastic:MrCraptastic 0 0
Technology and Our Future
Ah yes, technology. What a wonderful advancement no? Prolonging lives by inventing new medicines and medical techniques. Making our lives easier with appliances, transportation, and in the recent decades...the internet. But while all of these good and 'helpful' (in reference to prolonging lives) advances are released, it would stand to reason that such knowledge could have a metaphorical dark side no? And thus we're brought to weapons development. Viral mutagens, nerve gasses, nuclear technologies, ballistics, lasers, and radiation. All equally capable of destroying vast amounts of human life in the blink of an eye. Now, due to each country's respective advancements, it would be foolhardy to attempt to employ such tactics against one another, but the fact remains that as we continue to discover new advancements, with each new one we open up hundreds of possibilities. This apparent 'boom' in technological advancement has left society in a state of shock if you will. Some of you may even
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My Purpose in Life
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of
times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; it was
the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity; it was the season
of Light, it was the season of Darkness; it was the spring of hope, it
was the winter of despair; we had everything before us, we had nothing
before us; we were all going directly to Heaven, we were all going the
other way."-Charles Dickens.
This quote randomly popped into my head it seems, and I very few ways could one sum up the life in which we all now exist. For it would seem that for every individual bent on improving mankind's way of existence...that there are ten others desperately searching for ways to bring as much fear, chaos, and despair as possible. We are all now within an age in which very few still hold true to past ideals of honor...and putting the betterment of others before oneself.
The ideal that the purpose of life is to bring light to the world, to be a source of op
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Musing about humanity
I apologize if I went off track in the least, it's a tad late and I don't even know why I typed this haha.
Well, feel free to comment, as I'm sure you will. Take note, I make no mention of any religious possibilities in this musing, perhaps there truly will be a time when mankind can at least endure some period of genuine, loving, unselfish peace.
Well...I was listening to ambient trance...which generally puts me into such philosophic mindsets as these...and I couldn't help but laugh at the collective mindset of humanity as a whole.
You see...the average human no doubt feels confident about where they place in the world, what they'll accomplish, and how they feel towards most subject matter that should come across their path. But it seems that if you get enough of them in one spot, they somehow manage to abandon most all that defines them for the simple sake of fitting in with the crowd. Now, inwardly, said individual no doubt realizes that they either do or do not belong in such a gat
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The Power of Words
Ah yes, here we are again I suppose. Witnessing the product of my boredom, intermingled with a wandering mind…add a dash of music to stir my thoughts around and here we have it! I was lost in thought, I believe that I was having a conversation in my head again…Well, regardless; I've forgotten what it was about. But it's what I gathered that's important anyhow. I was consoling someone I do believe (it might be appropriate at this time to amend my previous statement regarding the unimportance of the context of the thoughts, as they are somewhat relevant I suppose), and it came to mind that for all of the strength that our hearts lend us, the love and the hate, the joy and the sadness…The motivation to do what's right, or the ability to commit mindless atrocities...For all of the passion and the feelings! That all of this could be so easily crushed, or subverted. By the simplest of devices…a device, so intangible even, that one cannot see it, or grasp it in their hands
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The Second-hand plot
Cold and emotionless you sit idly by,
Quiet and contemplating, patience unmatched, waiting
And watching as your plan's subtly hatched.
Your mechanical monarchy, you tyrant of steel.
The gears, chains, and wheels all slave to your will,
Giving life to your machine of a creation.
Clanking and grating they march ever 'round,
Precision their standard, accuracy their shield,
Driving the device that is your crafty invention.
Tick tick tick, the sounds of their feet,
your sweet metal symphony with instruments of alloy
And a maestro of mineral, playing and playing,
Turning day into night, and night into day.
An organized chaos is what you've created,
A blur of near misses, of "almosts" and "barely"'s
Your troops seem to march in no discernible pattern,
A complex maze of joints and connections.
But it's only from a distance that your plan's
Easily read. As you tick and you tock and you steal away time,
Counting down the moments to our very demise.
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Kitchen work rough draft by MrCraptastic Kitchen work rough draft :iconmrcraptastic:MrCraptastic 0 0 Kitchen rendered by MrCraptastic Kitchen rendered :iconmrcraptastic:MrCraptastic 0 3 Kitchen-Dining area by MrCraptastic Kitchen-Dining area :iconmrcraptastic:MrCraptastic 0 0 Kitchen work area by MrCraptastic Kitchen work area :iconmrcraptastic:MrCraptastic 0 0 SE Blueprint by MrCraptastic SE Blueprint :iconmrcraptastic:MrCraptastic 0 0 exterior rough by MrCraptastic exterior rough :iconmrcraptastic:MrCraptastic 1 0 SW Wing by MrCraptastic SW Wing :iconmrcraptastic:MrCraptastic 0 0 SE Wing by MrCraptastic SE Wing :iconmrcraptastic:MrCraptastic 0 0
Afraid the quality is bad for now guys, I'll be home in a few days to take better images and such. Patience xp



Seth McPherson
United States
Well, I'm new to deviantArt, I'm not much of an artist per se. I have artistic thoughts, beautiful images splay my mind like dew droplets blanket an early morning field. Yet I find myself continually thwarted by an inability to...successfully(?) display these images. It's really quite bothersome. Take this: you're at home, you just listened to an amazingly inspiring song, you had images in your head of epic proportions, and you want nothing more than to share that with others. But as soon as you put your hand to paper, it's wrong. Lines aren't correct, colors are off, the concept isn't even there. So you're left with a rough draft which you hate and quite a series of emotions. I could almost cry about it really. In fact, the one thing that I've ever actually been satisfied with artistically was my work in drafting. I can do geometric designs, with the right materials. Lines make sense to me, throw a curve at me and I'm completely lost. Perhaps that's WHY I like architecture. I'll have some uploaded in time, it's on my other computer as it were :(.

So here I am, writing an 'about me' entry with no actual purpose other to write and express myself I suppose, and there's nothing wrong with that, I can't think of anything much more productive to do at the moment as it were. Perhaps I could speak about other aspects of me, maybe give you a glimpse into the inner machinations of my heart and mind. Let you wander the corridors of my thoughts and my dreams, the chaos of emotions and the rigid structure to my thoughts and logic. But that would take quite some time no doubt, so I suppose a peek will do.

My name is Seth McPherson, I'm 19 years of age and a current student at South Puget Sound Community College. I'll be completing my course work, resulting in an Associates of Science around the end of summer quarter next year. From there my plans are open, I could go to work for Boeing, where they'll pay for my schooling, but I'd be working full time so it would take a tremendous amount longer to complete a bachelors. Wow, talk about a run-on sentence. Or I could go straight into a University, where I would no doubt be striving to achieve my Bachelors of Science in Engineering Technology. That's somewhat vague in and of itself, so I'll narrow it down for you. My career choice is that of an Electronics Engineer, not to be mistaken with an Electrical Engineer. The two fields themselves are actually vastly different, granted there is some overlap but that's negligible in the grand scheme of things.
Let me break it down:

Electrical Engineering: large amounts of power, industrial scale projects (factories, refineries, etc.)
control systems (assembly lines, automated machinery, etc.)

Electronics Engineering: small scale power, circuitry, microprocessors (cell phone chips, CPU's, etc.)
data transmission (cellular, satellite, etc.)

Bit of a difference, perhaps now you've learned something today, and can bring it up during a party to amaze all of your friends. Granted they might treat you a little odd for the remaining few minutes/hours but that will fade and before you know it, it'll be as though it never happened. You'll find that you may never use that knowledge, so why bother right? Wrong. Knowledge is power, why not know something as opposed to not knowing it? Go to and figure something out rather than sitting on your bum zoning out to youtube videos of hamsters getting stuck on their wheels. I mean really. Hamsters? For example, I could tell you exactly how a speaker works, or how a CD-R and CD-RW are both writable, it's actually quite an interesting process. Most things in life you'll find, work on such simple principals that it's astounding. You look at it and go, "Wow, it took them that long to think of that?" It seems obvious to you now yet it happens everyday, what you might dismiss as common sense could be what leads to the next major breakthrough in technology. I suppose what I'm getting at is that I'm bothered with society today. The new generation, most of mine and nearly all of the generation below me, is getting progressively more stupid. People no longer seek knowledge, it's already there, why bother right? I mean, it's showing up everywhere. Stuff that should be VERY straight-forward is getting dumbed down. Cartoons, remotes, cars, video games, etc. You name it, I bet it's getting more simple for no apparent reason other than to support the lazy sobs who go around life today. I just found out, my friend has a niece that's 2 years of age, she's watching TV. But not just watching it like occasionally or rarely, pretty darn frequently. That's messed up! She should be outside playing in the grass or some crap, learning that bees sting and they suck, or that stinging nettles aren't something you want to mess with. But no. She's there, watchin' TV. No mental stimulation whatsoever.

But I digress, well maybe I didn't digress. That's how I feel, I respect those who seek and respect knowledge. Plain and simple. There's a website, it's truly amazing, makes me laugh every time I use it. Here's what it is: That stands for: Let Me Google That For You. I get questions a lot, and they think I'm some sort of prodigy for finding and answer so damn quickly, it's called query-phrasing people. When you forget how to ask a question, you're pretty much screwed in many aspects of your life. So next time somebody asks you something that they could easily find for themselves, go to that site, type in what you need to to search, and copy and paste the generated link into a chat or whatever your form of communication is. You'll get a kick out of it and they will probably stop asking you questions for a while. win-win right?

New topic: thought processes. I'm a very detailed individual, that's not to say that my desk is clear, my room is spotless and my homework is always on time. In fact, all three of those are very far from the truth, my desk is covered in dust and other crap spewed from the white hole that is my backpack. My room looks somewhat similar to a TJ Maxx shopping center (comedian reference there, look up "Sebastian, TJ Maxx" on youtube), and well...I'm not an 'A' student. That's not to say I'm not smart, far from it. It just means I'm a bad student, busy-work isn't for me, I do well on tests and such, stuff that ACTUALLY matters. If you're an A student, good for you, really, you'll get through life easier than me. But you could be a total bumbling idiot for all I know. Good grades mean you work hard all around, you take your school seriously and you're always getting your work in on time and it's nice and polished. Half the time, I can't read my math, the answer's there, but I really do feel sorry for my professor. Wow, I'm way off from what I originally intended for the topic, changing course now. As I was saying, I'm detail oriented. I break things down, I analyze it, and I learn how it works. I was the kid who when he was little took everything apart. I still do, it's just more expensive stuff. I had a PS2 strewn across my room for a while because it wouldn't read CD's, wanted to know why. Needless to say it was beyond my expertise to fix, but I still picked through it, and eventually it found its way into your friendly neighborhood trash can. I can assemble and configure a computer, I can tell you what the specifications mean and why they matter. I can set any digital clock you might have. I'm the guy who you find staring at a series of gears working. Clockwork. There's nothing more beautiful to me, not physically at least. I have a watch, it's called a 'skeleton watch', meaning that you can see all of its inner workings and such. I love it to death, it's mesmerizing, I sit and stare, I know what each gear does, what each spring is attached too.

Unfortunately, this comes with a price. I often find myself breaking things down to far, things that don't really matter. And it also means, that when I deal with something such as the relationship issue I'm going through, I don't know how it works. I don't see why this leads to that and that leads back here. It's so very nonsensical, chaotic. Wow, this is a long entry. Mayhaps I should submit as a piece of art? Anyways, I'm a loving person, I'm genuine, and my word is my law. I suppose that's one of my primary redeeming factors. People meet me and they say, "Wow, he's easy to talk to." Know why? I'm me, I'm not afraid to be me, if you don't like it, than I'm sorry :( I really do think we had something special. Anyways, I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I drive to fast, I skydive, I do stuff that I probably shouldn't with my jetskis. And to top it all off, I'm gettin' a motorcycle soon. Yet, despite all odds, I've never received a ticket, never hospitalized myself, and I'm still alive (obviously). If you ever get the chance to do something crazy (reasonably so [relative term I guess]) do it. Don't let life pass you by, because despite what you think, it's very possible that chance won't arise again. It builds character too.

Moving on. My emotions. I am currently going through a 'break' in my relationship. Essentially, I f***ed up. The relationship caused me to open my heart to the point when I began to hit upon issues within myself that I had buried years ago. I found myself becoming bitter, snappy, cynical, and all around angry. Not to say I was never happy, that was the difficult part actually. You see, I'd snap, get angry, realize it was wrong, and be happy. All within the span of around 10-15 minutes. This was VERY difficult for my partner and I began to start draining her. Which, upon failing to correct these issues in myself, I pushed her away. This break has been good for both of us, it's allowed us to step back and look at what we need to fix. In ourselves. The scary part is, I'm not sure she'll come back. That terrifies and confuses me. I've never loved something so much in my life, and to realize that I ruined it only brings the pain down even harder. I'm doing what I can to fix myself, I'm seeing a counselor now too. I'm improving, steadily, and happily. But I'm always hoping, always seeking a way to show her. To get her to see that it can work, I care for her so very much. I couldn't possibly explain it all to you via message, less so in person. She's the only one who understands, and even that's debatable. The heart is confusing, and that is highly upsetting. Emotions defy all logic, and as such, makes looking at them logically nearly impossibly. Regardless, we're not mad at each other. We love each other very much, at least I think she still does. I hope it's not fading. She gave me that watch I spoke of. I suppose it's my inspiration when I'm close to giving up. It's my heart, going steadily along, constant, reliable. Everything that I should have been, everything I want to be. I became a monster, the old me died. And now I'm trying to resurrect him, bring out the true self. Find ways to actually embody what I revere. It's a rough journey, and it's even harder to do knowing that I'm alone. I'm not alone, but I don't have my girlfriend there, not like it used to be. She described it as, "Monuments separating us from what was and what is". So I'm going to tear them all down with my own two hands. I will leave a wake of change so vast that when I'm done there will be nothing left standing between her heart and mine. Because my heart is her heart, and her heart is mine. That's enough of that I suppose.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, you'll have found it interesting I hope. Maybe not, is it art? Who's to say, it's an expression, I don't know about creative, but an expression nonetheless. I'll leave it as a journal for now.

Well, ta-ta, take care and all that good stuff. If you're ever up for a chat, I'll most likely respond in a punctual manner.

Yours truly,
- S.

Current Residence: Washington state, USA
Favourite genre of music: Trance/Drum and Bass/Techno
Favourite style of art: Landscapes, planetscapes, anything with that large-scale feel to it
Operating System: Windows 7 and loving it
MP3 player of choice: Microsoft Zune
Wallpaper of choice: Anything by Digital Blasphemy really
Personal Quote: If not me, than who?
Haven't heard it in forever, used to be my dad's favorite song

I took a walk around the world to
Ease my troubled mind
I left my body laying somewhere
In the sands of time
I watched the world float to the dark
Side of the moon
I feel there is nothing I can do, yeah

I watched the world float to the
Dark side of the moon
After all I knew it had to be something
To do with you
I really don't mind what happens now and then
As long as you'll be my friend at the end

If I go crazy then will you still
Call me Superman
If I'm alive and well, will you be
There holding my hand
I'll keep you by my side with
My superhuman might

You called me strong, you called me weak
But your secrets I will keep
You took for granted all the times I
Never let you down
You stumbled in and bumped your head, if
Not for me then you would be dead
I picked you up and put you back
On solid ground

If I go crazy then will you still
Call me Superman
If I'm alive and well will you be
There holding my hand
I'll keep you by my side with my
Superhuman might

//Oh whoa whoa//




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i have some stuff on my gallery.. i finished the 2nd year at 'university of architecture and urbanism' Cluj Napoca - Romania. Before i get there, i used to draw many hours/day and it helped me very very much. If you are interested, i have some pictures on my gallery :)

maybe we'll talk abour drawing&Co, architecture or .. who knows??
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